Atomic Absorption Spectrometer



The atomic absorption spectrometer is used for outcome metal analysis during  depolymerization process, metal control analysis of intermediate process products and metal content analysis in finished chips.



ZA3000 is a fully automatic instrument. It continues to use a Hitachi all built-in series mode flame and graphite oven polarized Zeeman atomic absorption all-in-one machine, and does not have displacement of any mechanical components during method switching. Its newly improved flame atomizer comprehensively enhances the sensibility of Zeeman flame atomic absorption, and it has extremely excellent baseline stability, lower noise and more excellent detection limit; its whole-process real-time monitoring automatically gives out visualized information of the spectrogram of the whole analysis process (sample injection, drying, ashing, atomization, cleaning and cooling); It makes operation and application simpler and can realize stock solution analysis; the international standards, such as ISO, are strictly executed in production technology, meanwhile 5Q certification and ROSH certification are past; the instrument realizes remote terminal monitoring and real-time video transmission in computer network.


1. Accurate background correction technology is applicable to any elements within full wavelength.  

2. Double-detector mode is adopted to obtain high precision and high sensibility.