GPC Liquid Chromatograph



The GPC Liquid Chromatograph is mainly used for composition analysis of depolymerization reaction products, has the significance during the whole production process, and meanwhile can be used for determining the molecular weight distribution of polymer.



Hitachi Corporation, consistently insisting the faith “applying the most advanced technology to the forefront”, based on widespread use of analytical instruments, focusing on the long-term development of liquid chromatographs, ceremoniously launches a novel high-end liquid chromatograph—“Chromaster” after launching “Lachrom Elite”. 

“Chromaster” is a new word from English words—“Chromatograph and Maser”. This word expresses a good vision of Hitachi Corporation, which is developing and providing a set of top-level liquid chromatographic system with excellent performances. Chromaster, as a powerful tool, will make a greater contribution to professionally trained master-level chromatography workers.                       

GPS workstation of Agilent Corporation is adopted, which has a strong guarantee for analyzing the molecular weight distribution of polymer.