Gas Chromatograph



The gas chromatograph is mainly used for the analysis of intermediate product components and finished product PET during regeneration and polymerization processes, and meanwhile is further used for the analysis of R&D type experiments. The gas chromatograph is high in stability and simple to operate.


In aspect of carrier gas control, GC-2014 gas chromatograph continues to use the electronic flow control technology of GC-2010, which is widely praised, and digital control of carrier gas flow serves as a standard configuration when capillary columns are adopted and packed columns are adopted, so that the repeatability of retention time and peak area are improved, and higher precision analysis is realized. The improvement in detectors ensures that GC-2014 has good effect in analysis of capillary columns and the sensitivity and stability of analysis are improved. 

The increase of size of a column oven ensures that GC-2014 can conveniently be installed with and adopt capillary columns and packed columns at the same time and the columns are convenient to change.

Large liquid crystal display of a main frame and powerful help function make operation simpler and more visual. All parameters of a sample inlet, the column oven and detectors, temperature rise program and chromatogram maps obtained in real time can be clearly displayed to users. 

Rich self-diagnostic functions of the main frame can perform self-inspection on circuits, gas circuits and various consumables periodically and generate self-inspection reports for the maintenance of engineers, thereby guaranteeing the minimum fault rate of the instrument.

Four types of sample injection units and five types of detectors can be selected according to analysis purposes and target components.

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