Handheld Near Infrared Spectrum Scanner



The scanner is mainly used for qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis of polymer, and obtains scanned wave spectrograms of corresponding compounds aims at the difference of different chemical gene materials by scanning polymeric materials.



MicroPHAZIR GP handheld near infrared spectrum scanner of Thermo Fisher Company is a handheld near infrared ray equipment, and is designed for quick on-site material identification and analysis. The analysis instrument is about 1.3 Kg, with battery powered, and is complete in design, and is a genuine portable analysis instrument. TM MicroPHZAIR GP analyzer is a portable tool for manufacturers, and can meet the requirement on high quality of products through strengthened detection. Flexible database and methods can realize targeted applications of various special products.

Main advantages comprise:

Samples are not required to be prepared, and rapid analysis is realized;

The instrument is designed for non-professional users, and accurate results can be presented on a simple and readable liquid crystal display within a few seconds;

The instrument is time-saving, easy to use, portable and safe;

The instrument is small in volume and light in weight, and can be used for on-site quick material identification;    

The instrument conducts the nondestructive examination, which is not only rapid but also safe due to near infrared ray.

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