Fluorescence X-Ray Instrument



The instrument is mainly applicable to qualitative analysis of F-U element, and further has an accurate quantitative analysis method, which solves the problem of complex metal analysis method in chips. Its metal quantitative analysis is rapid, accurate and highly efficient.


It is a small desktop machine which realizes high-sensibility, high-resolution and high-accuracy analysis.

Tube voltage is 50Kv; a primary filter automatic exchange device is provided while the sensitivity of heavy elements is improved, and representative microelement Cd in WEEE/ROHS/ELV command can be analyzed.

Supermini desktop machine can be simply mounted and used at any place, and cooling water and liquid nitrogen are not required during mounting.

Excellent operation performance and rich data processing software database enable this product to obtain ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.


Pbx Ray Analysis Value and Standard Value in Bi Bronze

Accuracy: 0.0040mass;

Calibration Curve: 0.0013mass.


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