Good news! Jiaren new material was awarded "new product research and development and promotion innovation enterprise"


In order to encourage and support the R & D and application of new products by chemical fiber enterprises, China Chemical Fiber Association has carried out the application activities of new product research and development and promotion of innovative enterprises in the chemical fiber industry in 2019 in combination with the selection of fiber popular trends in recent years. After independent application and information review, Zhejiang Jiaren new materials Co., Ltd. was successfully selected with its practice and achievements in the innovative research and development and promotion of the new product "DMT regenerated cation chip".


Zhejiang Jiaren New Material Co., Ltd. implements innovation driven development strategy, Scientific and technological innovation should be placed at the core of the overall development. With the goal of broadening the application fields of renewable products and enhancing the added value of renewable products, we have cooperated with Sichuan University, Donghua University, Shaoxing University of Arts and Sciences, Diren company, Decathlon group, Shanghai jialinjie and other universities and famous enterprises to jointly develop new products and new technologies, break through the barriers of industrial development, and achieve the goal of production, learning, research and development With the organic combination of etc.

DMT recycling products not only effectively alleviate the impact of waste polyester waste on the environment, but also the production process is green and the by-products can be reused. Therefore, it has become a new industry to encourage the development of textile industry.

In the next step, the company will continue to strengthen scientific research, continuously promote the basic research and innovation driven pace of green recycling industry, and strive to promote the high-quality development of recycled chemical fiber industry.

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