Leaders of the Bureau of economy and information technology of the district visited our company for sympathy and "epidemic" Front-line workers


On the morning of the 20th, Li Gang, deputy director of Yuecheng District Economic and Information Bureau, deputy secretary of the Party group and director of the district financial office, led relevant personnel to visit the first-line cadres and workers of our company. Gu riqiang, general manager of the company and Lin Hui, director of the general manager's office participated in the reception.


Director Li Gang has listened to general manager Gu Riqiang's report on the company's production and operation during the current anti epidemic period, understood the enterprise's epidemic prevention and control measures and production in detail, and discussed with the enterprise to solve the current practical problems.


Li Gang pointed out in his condolence that the company's employees must strengthen their own protection and take good care of their health. The company should further strengthen the screening management of returned employees, increase the disinfection and cleaning of production workshops, staff canteens, dormitories and other areas, and strengthen the publicity of epidemic prevention knowledge and protection materials guarantee.

In his condolence, Li Gang stressed that the current situation is a critical moment for epidemic prevention and control, and an important node for enterprise production. We should not only attach great importance to it, but also firmly believe in it. We should stick to both hands, one hand for prevention and control, the other hand for production, and both hands should be hard to ensure that both epidemic prevention and production work are correct.

Li Gang also asked all cadres and employees of the company to continue to carry forward the work spirit of daring to fight hard, take the initiative at the critical moment of the epidemic, be honest and pragmatic, and ensure the orderly and steady development of the production and operation of the enterprise.

President Gu, after listening to Director Li's guidance, said that the company would strictly implement the requirements of the superior government departments on the implementation of epidemic prevention and control work. On the premise of caring for the life and health of employees, the production and operation shall be carried out in an orderly manner.