Company Profiles

   Zhejiang Jiaren New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2012, with the registered capital of USD56.6 million, by Jinggong Holding Group which is One of Chinese Top 500 Private Enterprises and Japanese Teijin Company which is One of Global Top 500 Companies. We are the largest chemical-method cyclic regenerated fiber company in the globe. In our first-phase project, we reach the annual output of 25000 tons and the sales amount of CNY0.7 billion; our second-phase project of 160000-ton annual output currently is under construction, whose investment is CNY1 billion and annual sales amount is estimated to be CNY2 billion.

   Our company adopts the chemical cyclic regenerative system technology owned by Japanese Teijin Company, uses wasted polyester materials such as wasted garments and leftover materials as the raw materials for production, and make them into new polyester fibers with high quality, multi-functions, traceability and eternal cyclicity, through complete chemical decomposition. The final polyester fibers are widely used in high-end sports wear, business wear, school uniform, men’s and women’s fashions, home textiles, beddings, automobile inner decorative products and etc.. Therefore we realize in a real sense the eternal closed circulating ring from garments to garments. As we settled the problem of the repeated regeneration of wasted textiles, we have effectively reduced the waste and the use of oil resources.



    Since the establishment, our company has set the great goal—“Become the Leader of this Industry”. Therefore we introduced the world-leading equipment into our company such as Japanese TMT Company’s spinning and winding equipment for FDY and POY, Japanese Kasen Company’s spinneret plates, and also equipped high-grade, precise and advanced R&D and detecting devices and instruments for our company so that we can guarantee that every piece of yarn produced by us is the high-quality yarn.

   As the leading one of chemical-method cyclic regenerated fiber manufacturers, our company passed many certification successively such as GRS, Intertek, and Oeke-Tex Standard 100. By virtue of our high-quality cyclic regenerated chemical fibers our company has successfully established the business relationship with many global companies including ADIDAS, NIKE, KAPPAHL, H&M, Decathlon, IKEA, Wal-Mart and etc.. Our high-performance chemical-method cyclic regenerated polyester fiber has been appraised as one of Chinese top ten fashionable fibers for four years successively.

For many years, our company has adhered to the development idea—“Recycle Fiber and Recycle Life”, and we are committing ourselves to the production of environmentally-friendly cyclic regenerated fibers. In the future, our company will constantly exploit and make innovations, vigorously promote the brand construction, take green society construction and industry promotion as our responsibility, and make contributions to Chinese environmental protection undertakings and the forming of comprehensive utilizing system of cyclic renewable resources.